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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Chemistry MCQs Part 12

chemistry pass papers mcqs
111. The using of fuels is the basis that burning of carbon in oxygen produces.?
A. Energy
B. Heat
C. Light
D. Electricity

112. The burning of methane in oxygen is used in.?
A. Kitchens
B. Flames
B. Automobiles
D. Engines

113. In chemistry we usually deal with energy changes of reaction in terms of.?
A. Heat
B. Electricity
C. Light
D. Current

114. Under certain conditions, energy may appear int he form of light, electricity or mechanical work from a.?
A. Chemical system
B. System
C. Reaction
D. Reactant

115. The energy changes of a chemical reaction are measured in.?
A. Kil0 joules (KJ)
B. Kilo calorie (Kcal)
C. Both of them
D. None of them

116. One calorie is equal to.?
A. 1.065 J
B. 0.418 J
C. 2.013 J
D. 4.184 J

117. Other units fro the measurement of heat energy are.?
A. Caloric
B. Kilowatt hours (kwh)
C. British thermal unit (BTU)
D. All of them

 118. The SI unit of energy is.?
A. Joule
B. Caloric
C. Newton
D. Watt

119. When a force of one Newton acts over a distance of one metre, it is.?
A. One calorie
B. One watt
C. One joule
D. One pound

120. The natural cause of a chemical reaction is the tendency to attain.?
A. Lowest energy state
B. Highest energy state
C. Perfection
D. Stability

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