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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Biology MCQs Part 12

biology mcqs with answer
111. The content of reticulmn are separated from cytoplasmic material by.?
A. Cystole.
B. Cytosol.
C. Lipid molecules.
D. Cisternae.

112. Ribosomes were first of all discovered by.?
A. Laveran
B. Grassi.
C. Palade.
D. Robert Brown.

113. They are composed of almost an equal amount of RNA and protein.?
A. Pibosomes.
B. Golgi Bodies.
C. Mitochondria.
D. Centriotes.

114. It is the process in which the cell membrane helps to take in material by infolding in the form of vacuole.?
A. Electrolysis.
B. Fractionation.
C. Endocytosis.
D. Active transport.

115. A cell wall composed of.?
A. The Middle Lamella.
B. The Secondary Wall.
C. The Primary Wall.
D. All of the above.

116. Chemically the secondary wall is composed of.?
A. Inorginc salts.
B. Silica.
C. Waxes.
D. All of the above.

117. Through cell membrane ,which substances can pass more easily than others.?
A. Peptides soluble.
B. Lipid soluble.
C. Nucleic acids soluble.
D. Cellulose soluble.

118. In many animal cells the cell membrane helps to take in materials by infolding in the form of vacules .This type of intake is termed as.?
A. Endocytosis.
B. Ingestion.
C. Digestion.
D. Ejection.

119. In plants cells,which structure provides a definite shape to the cell and makes it right.?
A. Cell wall.
B. Cell membrane.
C. Chitin.
D. Epidermis.

120. It consists of an aqueous ground substance containing a variety of cell organelles and other inclusions such as wastes and storage products.?
A. Actoplasm.
B. Endoplasm.
C. Cytoplasm.
D. none of the above.

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