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Saturday 31 October 2015

General Knowledge MCQs Part 9

general knowledge mcqs solved
81. Total area of the earth in million Sq Km_____?
            A. 490.100
            B. 350.901
            C. 510.072
            D. 630.105

82. Ratio between oceans and earth by area is ______?
            A. 55.5%, 34.5%
            B. 70.8%, 29.2%
            C. 73.3%, 22.7%
D. 81.7%, 18.3%

83. Highest part of the earth is______?
            A. Trich Mir
            B. K-2
C. Mount Everest
D. Kilimanjaro

84. Lowest part of the earth is______?
A. Dead Sea
B. Africa
C. Eyre lake
D. Valdes Peninsula

85. How many continent are in the earth________?
A. 5
B. 9
C. 4
D. 7

86. The Hardest substance available on Earth is_____?
            A. Platinum
            B. Diamond
            C. Quarthz
            D. Gold

87. GHQ Stand For_______?
            A. General head quarters
            B. Genearl high quarters
            C. General high quartermaster
            D. None of theme

88. The kabul river merges into_______?
            A. Indus River
            B. Jhelum River
            C. Kaghan River
            D. Kuram River

89. Which day is Observed as sun day and world press Freedom Day______?
            A. 3rd May
            B. 4th May
            C. 31st May
            D. None of theme

90. When Broadcast Pakistan national anthem in 1st Time________?
            A. 13 Aug 1948
            B. 14 Aug 1967
            C. 13 Aug 1954
            D. 16 Aug 1972

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