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Thursday 29 October 2015

Current Affairs MCQs Part 9

current affairs mcqs for nts and all test
81. How many years the south african president Nelson Mandela was n prison?
            A. 18
            B. 27
            C. 12
D. 17

82. 19th SAARC Summit 2016 will be held in?
            A. India
            B. Pakistan
            C. Maldieves
            D. Bangladash

83. In which of the following cities indian national congress was found?
            A. Delhi
            B. Bombay
            C. Kanpur
            D. Allahabad

84. The highest peak of the salt range is?
            A. Nanga parbat
            B. Skaser
C. Malka parat
D. Everest

85. First Census was held in Pakistan in the Year?
            A. 1950
B. 1951
C. 1952
D. 1953

86. Who was the founder of Daily Dawn English?
A. Liaquat Ali Khan
            B. Z.A Sulehri
C. Quad e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah
D. None of them

87. The Muslims came to Sindh in 712 A.D under the leardership of?
            A. Mahmood Ghaznavi
            B. Zaheer-ud-Din Baber
            C. Muhammad Bin Qasim
            D. None of them

88. Identify the largest Cantonment of Pakistan?
            A. Kharian Cant
            B. Quetta Cant
            C. Okara Cantt
            D. Karcahi Cantt

89. Identify the offical news agency of Pakistan_______?
            A. IPP
            B. APP (Associated Press of Pakistan)
            C. PPI
            D. PPA

90. Which one is the longest river of the World______?
            A. Congo
            B. Nile
            C. Amazon
            D. Don

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