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Friday 9 October 2015

Chemistry MCQs Part 5

chemistry mcqs for entry test
41. When gases are allowed to expand, suddenly they
A. Heat up
B. Collapse
C. React
D. Cool

42. The volume of a mixture of gases is related to the volume of individual gas
A. Directly
B. Indirectly
C. Independent
D. Dependent
43. Increasing the temperature of a gas increases its
A. Volume
B. Kinetic energy
C. Pressure
D. Repulsive

44. Pressure of the gas molecules per unit area is
A. A force
B. Collision
C. Molecules
D. Volume
45. The total pressure of a mixture gases is that of individual gases
A. Sum of partial pressures
B. Multiple of partial pressure
C. Deference in partial pressure
D. Independent of partial pressure

46. The Pascal meter square is equal to
A. Equivalent
B. Equal
C. Not equal
D. Different

47. The SI unit for the measurement of pressure of gas is
A. Newton
B. Pascal
C. Pound
D. Corelomb

48. Newton per meeter square is equal to
A. One Pascal
B. One ton
C. One atmosphere
D. One PSI

49. The instrument to measure the pressure of gas is called
A. Viscometer
B. Stalagmometre
C. Barometer
D. Photometre

50. The temperature scale showing the freezing point of water as 0° is called
A. Fahrenheit
B. Kelvin
C. Absolute
D. Celcius

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