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Thursday 8 October 2015

Biology MCQs Part 5

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41. The study of forces and factors which create change or variations that lead to the formation of new species is termed as
A. Evolution.
B. Ecology.
C. Palaeconotology.
D. Genetics.

42. The study of nuclear cytology is known as
A. Neurology.
B. Mycology.
C. Rlinology.
D. Karyology

43. The study of preservation of life or the study of organisms at low temperature is known as
A. Kalology.
B. Malacology.
C. Crybiology.
D. Dermatology.

44. The study of animal behaviour is known as
A. Ecology.
B. Sociology.
C. Ethology.
D. Anthropology.
45. Science for the genetical improvement of human race is called
A. Genetics.
B. Euthenics.
C. Eugenology.
D. Genecology.

46. The science of characters and distribution of race is known as .....
A. Ethonology.
B. Anthropology.
C. Sociology.
D. Taxonomy.

47. An intelligent scientific guess which scientists make based on with the available with the available facts is known as
A. Observation.
B. Hypothesis.
C. Deduction.
D. None of the above.

48. Deduction is a logical consequence of
A. Hypothesis.
B. Observation.
C. Inference.
D. Experiment.

49. A statement about which a scientist think may be the answer to the problem under study is known a
A. Law.
B. Hypothesis
C. Deduction
D. None of the above

50. Romans believed that material is caused by
A. Bad air.
B. Plasmodium.
C. Dirty water.
D. All of the above.

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