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Saturday 12 September 2015

Islamiat MCQs Part 6

islamiat mcqs for all test preparation
51. The biggest Islamic Country with area is:
      A. Indonesia
      B. Kazakhistan
      C. Pakistan
      D. Egypt

52. Name the person who first translated the Holy Quran in Persian language?
      A. Shah Rafi ud Deen
      B. Shah Wali Ullah
      C. Shah Abdul Qadir
      D. None Of These

53. The total period of Abbathids caliphate is:
      A. 400 years
      B. 508 years
      C. 300 years
      D. None Of These

54. Salah ud Deen Ayubi emerged as a hero of Muslims in:
      A. First Crusade
      B. Second Crusade
      C. Third Crusade
      D. None Of These

55. The great mosque of Damascus was built by:
      A. Amir Muaviya RA
      B. Walid I
      C. Umar RA
      D. None Of These

56. The first Umayyad Amir of Andulus to adopt the title of Caliph:
      A. Abd ur Rehman III
      B. Al Haadi
      C. Umar III
      D. Hamza III 

57. The city constructed on the bank of river Tigris is:
      A. Basra
      B. Baghdad
      C. Najaf
      D. Tehran

58. The ''Berber'' tribes were resident of:
      A. South Korea
      B. North Africa
      C. Andulus
      D. China

59. The largest number of ''Ahadith'' were reported by:
     A. Syeda Ayesha RA
     B. Hazrat Ali RA
     C. Hazrat Abu Huraira
     D. None Of These

60. Bait ur Rizwan was made to take the revenge of:
     A. Hazrat Usman Ghani RA
     B. Syeda Ayesha RA
     C. Hazrat Ali Karram Allah o Wajhohoo
     D. Hazrat Umar RA

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