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Saturday 12 September 2015

General Knowledge MCQs Part 6

general knowledge mcqs for all test preparation
51. Who is the Director of Stolkhom International Peace Institution?
      A. Ian Anthony
      B. Sven-Olof Petersson
      C. Jakob Hallgren
      D. None of these

52. NATC stands for what?
     A. Nevada Automotive Test Centre
     B. Naval Air Test Centre
     C. North American Taiko Conference

     D. None Of These 

53. Oslo is the seaport of :
    A. Norway
    B. Germany
    C. India
    D. France

54. Panama city is the seaport of :
     A. US
     B. Panama
     C. Italy
     D. Canada

55. Penang'' is the seaport of:
     A. US
     B. Malayesia
     C. Italy
     D. France

56. Chitagang is the seaport of :
     A. India
     B. Bengladesh
     C. Pakistan
     D. Srilanka

57. Dammam is the seaport of:
     A. Saudi Arabia
     B. Egypt
     C. Iran
     D. Syria

58. Doha is the seaport of:
     A. Kuwait
     B. Egypt
     C. Qatar
     D. UAE

59. ''Glasgow'' is the seaport of:
     A. England
     B. Germany
     C. France
     D. None Of These

60. Hamburg is the seaport of:
     A. England
     B. Germany
     C. Turkey
     D. France

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