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Saturday 15 August 2015

Physics MCQs Part 2

physics mcqs for all test
11. One meter is equal to
     A. 1000 mm
     B. 100 mm
     C. 0.01 mm
     D. 0.001 mm

12. The unit of weight in M.K.S system is
     A. Newton
     B. Dyne
     C. Erg
     D. None of These

13. Which of the following is a scalar quantity.
    A. Energy
    B. Velocity
    C. Force
    D. Torque

14. Which is the vector quantity.
      A. Density
      B. Charge
      C. Impulse
      D. Work

15. A vector which has magnitude one is called
      A. Null vector
      B. Position vector
      C. Unit vector
      D. None of these 

16. The angle between two rectangular components of a vector is
      A. 30’
      B. 60’
      C. 180’
      D. 90’

17. A force of 6 N is acting along x-axis. Its y-Component is
      A. 6 N
      B. Zero
      C. 12 N
      D. 3 N

18. Time is example of
      A. Vector
      B. Scalar
      C. Negative of a vector
      D. Null vector

19. Torque is the product of
      A. Mass and acceleration
      B. Force and mass
      C. Mass and velocity
      D. Force and vertical distance of force from axis of rotation.

20. One Revolution is equal to
      A. 360
      B. 180
      C. 90
      D. 270

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