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Saturday 8 August 2015

General Knowledge MCQs Part 4

general knowledge mcqs pdf
31.Who was the first president of the United States of America
A.   George Washington
B.    George Harrison
C.      Robert Zemeckis
D.       none of these

32.Which is the national flower of Pakistan
A.   Lilly
B.      Rose
C.     Jasmine
D.     Tulip

33.         Where is the tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir
A.      Sialkot
B.      Multan
C.     Lahore
D.     Karachi

34.         Which city in Switzerland was the headquarters of the League of Nations
A.      Brussels
B.     Geneva
C.      Canberra
D.     none of these

35.         At which sport have Keiji, Okada and Yuko Hasama been world champions
A.      Bedminton
B.      Polo
C.      Table tennis
D.     Karate

36.         In which US state is the port of Tarpon Springs
A.      Florida
B.      Hawaii
C.      Virginia
D.     none of these

37.         Ice cream was first produced in which country in the 17th century
A.     England
B.      Italy
C.      France
D.     Germany

38.         The total Area of the Capital of Pakistan 'Islamabad' is
A.      800 sq Km
B.      850 sq Km
C.      900 sq Km
D.     907 sq Km

39.         What is the official language of Mexico
A.     Spanish
B.      French
C.      Italian
D.     English

40.         What is the standard monetary unit of Turkey
A.     Lira
B.      Penny
C.      Euro

D.     Dollar

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