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Saturday 8 August 2015

Computer MCQs Part 4

computer mcqs for computer oprator
31. Ram is ______ Memory
      A. Volatile
      B. Non Volatile
      C. Permanent
      D. None Of These

32. _________ Is a pre-programmed memory.
      A. Static RAM
      B. Dynamic RAM
      C. SISS and DIMM both
      D. None of These

33. Irregular data can accessed on magnetic  tap
      A. Randomly
      B. Serially
      C. Use Dieting
      D. None Of These

34. LBA Stands for _________.?
      A. Logical Block Adress
      B. Logical Buffer area
      C. None Of These

35. Auxiliary Storage are _________ Memory.?
     A. Primary
     B. Non-Volatile
     C. Temporary
     D. None Of These

36. The read/write heads of hard disk drive, floppy disk drive and tape drive contain electromagnets.
     A. The statement is true.
     B. The above statement needs little correction
     C. the above statements is a false statements
     D. Information’s is not sufficient

37. Each byte is the combination of ________ small unit called bits.?
     A. 16
     B. 10
     C. 8
     D. 18

38. Smallest unit of the memoray is ________.
     A. Nibble
     B. Bit
     C. 0 or 1
     D. Byte

39. Each box of memory has _______ address.
     A. Alterable
     B. Unique
     C. Two
     D. None Of These

40. A Large Memory Can Further be installed , Known as __________.?
     B. Primary Memory
     C.Expanded Memory
      D. ROM

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