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Thursday 31 December 2015

Physics MCQs Part 12

physics mcqs for 2018 test
111. What is the shape of the liquid meniscus in a capillary tube placed in a liquid that wets the surface of the tube.?
A. Concave downwards
B. Convex up
C. Flat
D. None of the above

112. A piece of weighted wood just floats in water. When place3d in alcohol (of lower density) it will.?
A. Float higher
B. Stay as before
C. Float lower
D. Sink

113. A force of 100 dynes acts for 10 seconds on a body of mass 500g. What is the change in momentum.?
A. 10 C.G.S units
B. 100 C.G.S units
C. 1000 C.G.S units
D. 5000 C.G.S units

114. A 40kg cart moving at 3 m/s makes a head a head-on collision with a 20 kg cart at rest, as illustrated in Fig. 1.If the collision is completely inelastic, the speed with winch the carts leave the impact is approximately.?
A. 6 m/s
B. 2 m/s
C. 20 m/s
D. 0.2 m/s

115. If the earth stopped rotating, the weight of objects at the equator would.?
A. Be the same as before
B. Be less
C. Be greater
C. Very with latitude

 116. With the help of dimensions method it can be proved that frequency of a stretched wire.?
A. Depends on the mass of the wire
B. Does not depend on the mass of the wire
C. Depends on the displacement of the wire
D. None of these

117. When a body undergoes an acceleration.?
A. Its velocity increases
B. A force acts upon it
C. Its speed increases
D. It falls toward the earth

118. A satellite travels in a circular orbit at a speed of 20,000 km/hr to stay at a constant altitude. To escape from the earth, the speed would have to be increased to.?
A. 40,000 km/hr
B. 28,000 km/hr
C. 21,000 km/hr
D. 64,000 km/hr

119. A projectile is fired at an angle of 37° with an initial speed of 100 m/s. What is the approximate versicle component of its velocity after 2s.?
A. 80 m/s
B. 40 m/s
C. 60 m/s
D. 100 m/s

120. The static friction is.?
A. Always greater than the dynamic friction
B. Always less than the dynamic friction
C. Equal to the dynamic friction
D. Sometimes greater and sometimes less than the dynamic friction

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