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Friday 1 January 2016

Pedagogy MCQs Part 10

pedagogy mcqs for all test preparation
91. The basic purpose of supervision is help.?
A. Teachers in improving methods
B. Teacher in understanding pupil
C. Teacher inb dealing puplis
D. Children learn more effectively

92. The school policy should be determined by.?
A. The professional educators
B. Citizens and educators
C. Headmasters
D. Citizens

93. The chief Responsibility of the Principal is.?
A. Organize and administer the guidance programmed
B. Provide leadership in instructional plan
C. Maintain school records
D. Handle discipline problem

94. The elementary school teacher are directly responsible to the.?
A. Headmaster
C. Parents
D. Student

95. The criticism most frequently leveled at school administrators is that.?
A. They like praise
B. They are lazy
C. They fail to proved leadership
D. None of these

96. The school headmaster are expected to.?
A. Hold daily meetings
B. Prepare budget
C. Put into operation the course of study
D. All of the above

97. The main purpose of the supervision of teaching should be the.?
A. Advancement of pupil welfare
B. Proper utilization of school facilities
C. Carrying out of the curriculum
D. None of these

98. Supervision should be primarily.?
A. Preventive and critical
B. Preventive and corrective
C. Constructive and creative
D. None of these

99. A supervisor is one who.?
A. Inspects classrooms
B. Gives directions
C. Criticizes the teaching method
D. Provides friendly help

100. The effective supervision is indicated by.?
A. Good relations between teacher and supervisors
B. Helping teachers in their teaching
C. Helping teacher becoming more self sufficient
D. Criticizing teacher's lessons

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