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Monday 10 June 2024

PMA Long Course 153 General Knowledge MCQs | Pakistan Military Academy

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  "PMA Long Course 153 MCQs of General Knowledge: Prepare for the initial tests of PMA Long Course 153 with these most repeated and important questions. Covering a wide range of topics, including history, geography, science, and current affairs, these MCQs will help you ace your tests and join the Pakistan Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. Get ready to test your knowledge and skills with these comprehensive and detailed MCQs

01)     There are countries in the world 

          (A) 193

          (B) 182 

          (C) 186 

          (D) 196

02)     Myanmar is the new name of 

          (A) Sri Lanka 

          (B) Burma 

          (C) Cambodia 

(D) Vietnam

03)     Capital city of Australia is 

          (A) Sydney 

          (B) Hobarte 

          (C) Melbourne

          (D)  Canberra

04)     In Afghanistan, who was the supreme leader of the ruling Taliban, who captured Kabul on September 27, 1996?

          (A) Gulbaddin Hikmatyar

          (B)  Mullah Muhammad Umer 

          (C) Rasheed Dostum 

          (D) Abdul-Rub Siyaf

05)     Addis Ababa is the capital of: 

          (A) Rwanda 

          (B) Cameroon 

          (C) Ethiopia 

          (D) Kenya

06)     Which country exploded its first nuclear device underground? 

          (A) Britain 

          (B) China 

          (C) USA 

          (D) USSR

07)      Changed name of Formosa is 

          (A) Singapore 

          (B) Taiwan 

          (C) Malaysia 

          (D) Hong Kong

08)     Germany was divided into two separate independent states (East Germany and West Germany) in 

          (A) 1920 

          (B) 1946 

          (C) 1940 

          (D) 1945

09)     East Germany and West Germany were once again merged into one state on

          (A) September 16, 1989 

          (B) October 24, 1988 

          (C) October 03, 1990 

          (D) October 13, 1989

10)     Tashkent is the capital of:  

          (A) Tajikistan 

          (B) Turkmenistan 

          (C) Azerbaijan 

          (D) Uzbekistan

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