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Wednesday 12 June 2024

English MCQs Part 4 | NTS English MCQs With Answer

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31)     What traits were ingrained in Hazrat Muhammad's (PBUH) personality?

          (A)  Wealth and luxury

          (B)  Humility and simplicity

          (C)  Strictness and severity

          (D)  Arrogance and pride


32)     How did Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) make people feel?

         (A)  Small and embarrassed
         (B)  Wanted and respected
         (C)  Ignored and neglected
         (D)  Superior and elite

33)     Where would Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) sit in an assembly?

          (A)  Wherever there was a place available
          (B)  At the most prominent position
          (C)  At the head of the table
          (D)  On an elevated platform

34)     What did Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) never wear?

          (A)  Anything that could distinguish him from his companions
          (B)  Expensive clothes
          (C)  Jewelry
          (D)  Bright colors

35)     Did Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) make distinctions based on caste, creed, or color?

          (A)  Yes, always
          (B)  Sometimes
          (C)  No, never
          (D)  Only in specific cases

36)     What did Abu Umamah bin Tha'labah (RA) report about simplicity?

          (A)   Simplicity is unnecessary
          (B)  Simplicity is part of faith
          (C)  Simplicity is outdated
          (D)  Simplicity is optional


37)     How did Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) live in terms of lifestyle, diet, and manners?

          (A)  Luxuriously and lavishly
          (B)  Strict and unapproachable
          (C)  Simple and humble
          (D)  Reserved and distant

38)     What did Sahl Ibn Sa'ad say about Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and fine flour bread?

          (A)  He ate it daily
          (B)  He disliked it
          (C)  He never saw it from the time he was sent as a Prophet until he died
          (D)  He considered it a luxury

39)     What was Hazrat Muhammad's (PBUH) mattress made of?

          (A)  Silk and cotton
          (B)  Wool and feathers
          (C)  Leather stuffed with the fiber of date tree
          (D)  Straw and hay

40)     What did Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) leave behind when he passed away?

          (A)  A white riding mule, his arms, and a piece of land left to charity
          (B)  A vast fortune
          (C)  Numerous properties
          (D)  Priceless artifacts

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