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Wednesday 29 May 2024

Police Constable MCQs Test Part 3


21) He has little intelligence. [Name the type of adjective]

       A) Quantity

       B) Size

       C) Shape

       D) Quality

22)   Pick out the incorrect in the following.

       A) Raspberries

       B) Chimneyes

       C) Snowflakes

       D) Wolves

23)  My mom took a walk around the block. 
[Identify the preposition]

       A) My

       B) Block

       C) Walk

       D) Around

24)  Choose the correct sentence.         
A) Drivers must be careful; the road is slippery.

       B) The bread my mother prepare is delicious.

       C) My father drink two big glass of water morning.                                                                     D) We Take Tea in The Morning

25)  What is the plural form of the word "ELF"?

       A) Elfes

       B) Elves

       C) Elfs

       D) Elfses

26)  Choose the correct sentence.

       A)These are handler computers that allow greater portability than laptops.

       B) Modern computers is electronic and digital.

       C) This can only be use with electric power.

       D) They is light weight smart devices and can be carried anywhere

27)  Never drop your trash on the floor. [Identify the underlined port of speech)

       A) Preposition

       B) Adverb

       C) Pronoun

       D) Verb

28)  "Where do you live?" asked the boy. 
[Change the narration]

       A) The boy enquired where I have lived.

       B) The hoy enquired where I am living

       C) The boy enquired where I lived.

       D) The boy enquired where I had lived.

29)  Choose the word similar in meaning to "SOBER":

       A) Hard

       B) Rational

       C) illogical

       D) Crazy

30)  Has her work been finisned by her? 
[Change the voice)

       A) Has she been finished her work?

       B) Had she finished her work?

       C) Le Has she finished her work?

       D) Has she finishing her work?

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