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Tuesday 1 May 2018

Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Part 24

new 2018 pakistan current affairs mcqs
231. Name the first female speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan.

A. Banazir Bhutto
B. Shaheen Mizari
C. Fehmeeda Mirza
D. None of Them

232. When first general elections were held during Pervaiz Musharaf reign?
A. 10 Oct 2002
B. 11 Oct 2003
C. 12 Oct 2002
D. 13 Oct 2003

233. When Pervaiz Musharaf took over the responsibility of government after removing Nawaz Sharif's Government.
A. 11 Oct 1999
B. 12 Oct 1999
C. 13 Oct 1999
D. 14 Oct 1999

234. Where the plane C-130 of Zia Ul Haq crashed on 17 August, 1988?
A. Near Lahore
B. Near Islamabad
C. Near Multan
D. Near Bahawalpur

235. During Zia era who had the authority to ban the political party?
A. Commissioner
B. President
C. Governor
D. None of These

236. When East Pakistan was separated from Pakistan?
A. 17th Dec. 1971
B. 10th Dec. 1971
C. 15th Dec. 1971
D. 16th Dec. 1971

237. Bhutto replaced Yahya khan and became the president of Pakistan on:
A. 18 Dec. 1971
B. 19 Dec. 1971
C. 20 Dec. 1971
D. 21 Dec. 1971

238. When the 1973 constitution was enforced?
A. 15 August, 1973
B. 14 August, 1973
C. 13 August, 1973
D. 12 August, 1973

239. Who became Martial Law Administrator of Pakista after Ayub Khan?
A. Gen; Yahya Khan
B. Gen; Tikka Khan
C. Gen Ahsan
D. Gen; Rehan

240. Who apponted General Muhammad Ayub Khan as the chief Martial Law Administrator?
A. Aziz Ahmad
B. Yahaya Khan
C. Iskandar Mirza
D. None of These

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