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Friday 16 February 2018

Current Affairs MCQs Part 27

current affairs mcqs 2018
Hello! Everyone today I am with the useful post about current affairs mcqs. I have also shared with you but today I am going to share latest and fresh current affairs mcqs. The given questions will help you in a competitive exam for Executive jobs. In Sha Allah soon I will upload current affairs mcqs pdf. In this pdf book, You will find 500 solved mcqs. you can find our mcqs pdf by going to the Download section. so keep visiting connected with us to join our social pages.

261. Which is the smallest country of the world?
A. San Marino
B. Maldives
C. Vatican City
D. Bermuda

262. Which is the second smallest country of the world?
A. San merino
B. Maldives
C. Monaco
D. Bermuda

263. “Riksdag” is the parliament of:
A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Sweden

264. First country who issued paper currency notes in the world:
A. Japan
B. China
C. Russia
D. Italy

265. Kremlin is a government offices building in:
A. Japan
B. China
C. Russia
D. Thailand

266. Which gas is used in decoration lighting?
A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen
C. Nitrogen
D. Neon

267. On the banks of which river is the city of London located:
A. Severn
B. Thames
C. Avon
D. Humber

268. Which is the largest country is the Arabian peninsula:
A. Oman
B. Yeman
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Kuwait

269. “Gift of Nile” is the nickname of:
A. Egypt
B. Iraq
C. Jordan
D. Libya

270. The Bolshevik Revolution is associated with:
A. France
B. Germany
C. Russia
D. England

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