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Tuesday 24 January 2017

Physics MCQs Part 23

physics mcqs with answers
The page where are you found the basic multiple choice question about physics. The following all questions for all test preparation. if you prepare well this section you can get high marks in test. the following all questions i have get from different reliable sources. Read and share with others's to help in test preparation.

221. Al - Beruni found out this of various metals:
A. Mass
B. Densities
C. Atomic number
D. Atomic weight

222. Dr. Abdul Salam got a Noble prize in Physics in.
A. 1959
B. 1969
C. 1979
D. 1989

223. Yaqub Alkindi's most important work was in sound and.
A. Optic
B. Music
C. Nuclear physics
D. Thermodynamic

224. Al - Haitham wrote a book on optic called:
A. Qanoon-al-Masoodi
B. Kitabul Manazir
C. Hujjatul Baligha
D. Al - Hikama

225. Dr. Abdul Qadeer was born in?
A. 1926
B. 1936
C. 1946
D. 1950

226. Al - Beruni wrote more than?
A. 150 Books
B. 250 Books
C. 350 Books
D. 450 Books

227. Dr. Abdul Salam was born in.
A. Jhang
B. Sialkot
C. Lahore
D. Karachi

228. In scientific work the most important thing is.
A. Experiment
B. Theory
C. Observation
D. Hypothesis

229. A systematic error is due to:
A. Experiment
B. Instrument
C. Weather
D. System

230. The formula for the density is?
A. Mass/volume          
B. Weight/volume
C. Height/volume
D. None of above

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