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Tuesday 23 August 2016

United Nations MCQs Part 2

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Hello! World today's you are going to get United Nations Quiz This is a 2nd part the 1st part already posted . In this post i will share with you the basic knowledge about United Nations and which are important for everyone to know because some time this types mcqs given in Exams, Admission and Jobs Employment Test. The following all Multiple Choice Questions are best for general information and it’s all given from United Nations topic. Read and share with other's to help to boost their knowledge skills

11. United Nation University is located in?
A. Tokyo
B. Berne
C. Montreal
D. Vienna

12. The coulour combination of the UN flag is?
A. Red and blue
B. Blue and white
C. White and green
C. Only white

13. UNO's 'oil for food' program is assort with which country
A. Sudan
B. North Korea
C. Iran
C. Iraq

14. The number of principal organs of UNO's?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

15. Which organ of UNO executive organ?
A. General Assembly
B. Security council
C. International Court of justice
D. Trusteeship Council

16. The headquarters of the UNO are located?
A. New York
B. Paris
C. Lodon
D. Geneva

17 . On June 26, 1945 the United Nations On was signed by the dolegates of how countries?
A. 52
B. 51
C. 50
D. 57

18. How many principal bodies of the UNO if there?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

19. United nations industrial development organization was established in?
A. 1967
B. 1970
C. 1980
D. 1988

20. The first sectary-general of the UNO Nations was?
A. Mrs Vijay Laskshmi Pandit
B. Trygve Lie (Norway)
C. Kofi Annan
D. U. Thant

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