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Thursday 11 August 2016

Electronics MCQs Part 1

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We have start new series to share all subject of the world multiple choice questions. After request many student to start technical subject mcqs. So to day i am going to share with the Electronics MCQs. These mcqs will help in Bsc, BTech and other courses. And also help you in jobs employment test. Like atomic job, electrician job and other jobs related to Electrical Technology and Electronics Technology. I hope you like these multiple choice question about Electronics. Day by day we are adding new questions keep visiting and share with other's to help in test preparation

1. The most commonly semiconductor is?
A. Ge
B. Si
C. C
D. P

2. A p-n junction is formed when silicon or germanium is doped with?
A. Trivalent Impurity
B. Pentavalent Impurity
C. Both Of The Aobve
D. None Of These

3. The chargeless region around a p-n junction in which charge carriers are not Present Is Called?
A. Free Region
B. Neutral Region
C. Empty Junction
D. Depletion Region

4. Potential difference developed across the depletion region is called?
A. Stopping Potential
B. Depletion Potential
C. P-N Potential
D. Potential Barrier

5. The potential barrier of silicon is?
A. 1 V
B. 0.7 V
C. 0.5 V
D. 0.3 V

6. The potential barrier in germanium p-n  junction?
A. 1 V
B. 0.7 V
C. 0.5 V
D. 0.3 V

7. The potential difference developed across the p-n junction?
A. Accelerate The Diffusion Of Electros Into P-N Junction
B. Accelerate The Diffusion Of Hels Into N-Junction
C. Stops The Difusion Fo Electrons Ito P-Region
D. All Of These

8. When an external potential difference is applied across a p-n junction such that the p-side is made more positive and n-side more negative then the p-n junction is said to be?
A. Forward Biased
B. Reversed Biased
C. Positively Biased
D. Negatively Biased

9. If forward bias voltage is increased, the current following through the p-n junction?
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Becomes Zero
D. None Of Above

10. The ratio of the change in forward bias votage to the change in current following through the p-n junction is called _____ of the p-n junction?
A. Depletion Ratio
B. P-N Resistance
C. Forward Resistance
D. Backward Resistance

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