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Friday 19 August 2016

Electronics MCQs Part 2

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Hi, welcome to our new post of Electronics MCQs. In this post you are going to get Multiple Choice Question About Electronics. These all questions will help you in Test Preparation and exams. The following all question very help full for B-Tech and BSc Electrical Engineering Students and For DAE Students. Now these will help you in job Test like Electrician, Atomic Post, and other electrical and electronics post. Day by day we are adding new question daily so keep visiting to get all subject mcqs and boost your knowledge skills.

 11. When the external source of voltage is applied across a p-n junction such that its positive terminal is connected to n-region and negative terminal is connected  to p-region, the p-n junction is said to be?
A. Forward biased
B. Reversed biased
C. Positively biased
C. Negatively biased

12. When the p-n junction is reverse biased then the current following through the p-n junction due to majority charge carrier is?
A. 0
B. Very small
C. Very large
D. 1A

3. The current following across the p-n junction due to minority charge carriers when it is reverse biased is called?
A. Forward current
B. Negative current
C. Minority current
D. Leakage current

14. When the current in reverse biased --n junction has reached the saturation value, then if the reverse voltage is increased then  the  reverse current?
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Remains constant
D. Becomes infinite

15. P-n junction is also known as?
A. Transistor
B. Amplifier
C. Rectifier
D. Semi-conductor diode

16. Conversion of alternating current into direct current is called?
A. Amplification
B. Biasing
C. Modulation
D. Rectification

17. Which of the following is used for rectification?
A. Ammeter
B. Voltmeter
C. Generator
D. Semi-conductor diode

18. Rectification is of ____ types?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 6

19. When only one half of alternating current cycle is converted into direct current it is called?
A. Half rectification
B. Full rectification
C. Half-wave rectification
D. Full-wave rectification

20. In half wave rectification, the diode forward biased during the interval?
A. 0-t/4
B. 0-t/2
C. 0-3T/4
D. 0 - t
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