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Friday 29 July 2016

Accounting MCQs Part 10

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Welcome the post of Accounting MCQs. here you are going to get the mcqs of accounting. in this Accounting Quiz you will read all basic and advance accounting mcqs. that mcqs will help you in every exam and specially for Junior Auditor & Senior Auditor. we have complete the ten parts. you can read all multiple choice question of accounting by going to Main Page. The following all question is important and some was given in past papers. For any question just comment below or contact us.

91. Which level of management would be most involved in the function of directing and controlling?
A. Top
B. First level
C. Middle
D. All of these

92. Technical supervisor will be most needed where?
A. Operations are simple and organizational level is high
B. Operations are complex and organizational level is high
C. Operations are complex and organizational level is low
D. Operations are simple and organizational level is low

93. A person credited with inventing the 1st electronic computer is?
A. John Atanasoff
B. John Mauchly
C. Konre Zuse
D. All of the above

94. The set of factors which one is the primarily concerned with things that " surround" the job are called?
A. Maintenance factors
B. Motivational and maintenance factors
C. Motivational factors
D. None of these

95. Job classification is?
A. The duties,functions and responsibilities for a given job
B. Evaluation of job content and required skills,for the purpose of setting up wage brackets
C. A study of personal qualities needed to perform a given job
D. None of above

96. A cause of job dissatisfaction is?
A. The use of human resource accounting
B. Salary
C. Fringe benefits
D. The conflict between worker expectations and the organizations conditions

97. The leadership method in which the leader determines all policy himself and assigns specific work tasks to each group member is the?
A. Free-rein
B. None of these
C. Authoritarian
D. Democratic

98. People -centered leadership is described as?
A. Permissive
B. Follower -oriented
C. Democratic
D. All of these

99. In comparison to top level managers, a first -line supervisor will spend more time in?
A. Direction of subordinates
B. Long range planning
C. Policy making
D. Public relations

100. A set of factors which are concerned with the job itself are called ?
A. Maintenance factors
B. Motivational factors
C. Both of these
C. None of these

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