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Sunday 26 June 2016

Prime Ministers of Pakistan MCQs

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The Prime Ministers of Pakistan MCQs. Here you will find Multiple Choice Question about Prime Ministers of Pakistan. This is a complete MCQs with answer and that will help you in test preparation & boost your knowledge. This MCQs I found on internet some create do my self. I hope you like this info. Below I discus some topics like who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan & one & only female prime minister of Pakistan.
The current prime minister of Pakistan is Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef & he took office on 5 june, 2013. The first prime minister of Pakistan was Liaquat Ali Khan who took office from 14 Aug, 1947. Read and share with other’s to help in test preparation.

1. Who had the longest tenure as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in single term?
A. Mian Nawaz Shareef
B. Yousaf Raza Gailani
C. Liaquat Ali Khan
D. None Of Above
( Liaquat Ali Khan took office for four years and 2 month )

2. First Prime Minister of Pakistan was?
A. Khawaja Nazim Ud Din
B. Muhammad Ali Bogra
C. Chudary Rehmat Ali
D. Liaquat Ali Khan

3. Which Prime Minister of Pakistan elects three time?
A. Mian Nawaz Shareef
B. Yousaf Raza Gailani
C. Liaquat Ali Khan
D. None Of Above

4. First caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?
A. Malik Miraj Khalid
B. Mir Hazar Khan Khoso
C. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi
D. Noor Al Amin

5. First & only female Prime Minister of Pakistan was?
A. Fatima Ali Jinah
B. Banazir Bhuto
C. Aqsa Bano
D. None Of Above

6. First Prime Minister appointed by?
A. King
B. Governor General
C. President
D. None Of Above

7. Which one second Prime Minister of Pakistan?
A. Liaqut Ali Khan
B. Khawaja Nazim Ud Din
C. Muhammad Ali Bgora
D. None Of Above

8. Prime Minister of Pakistan is entitled to hold his/her office for a term of?
A. Six Year
B. Four Years
C. Five Years
D. Three Years

9. According of constitution of Pakistan, who is the head of the government?
A. President
B. Prime Minister
C. Chief Justice
D. None of these

10. Who is called the real ruler of Pakistan?
A. President
B. Chief of Army Staff
C. Prime Minister
D. Chief Jusitce of Pakistan

11. Who heads the Cabinet?
A. President
B. Chairman Senate
C. Speaker National Assembly
D. Prime Minister

12. When first women Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was elected?
A. May 2, 1988
B. December 2, 1988
C. June 22, 1988
D. None of these

13. First prime minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan took his office from?
A. 14 Aug 1947
B. 15 Aug 1947
C. 20 Aug 1956
            D. None Of Above

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