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Sunday 12 June 2016

Pedagogy MCQs Part 19

pedagogy mcqs for nts
The method of teaching mcqs with answer this mcqs for specially teacher test. Which student interested to get hight marks in teacing test so that need to read and prepare pedagogy mcqs in every teacher test 20% mcqs from pedagogy. Pedagogy is very important in teaching. You can read in this philosophy of education and teaching techniques and methodology. If you going to teaching test so you need to prepare pedagogy mcqs. In this subject you learn class room management and discipline, all about teacher test.

181. Which One Is Accountable In Cooperative Learning?
A. Individual
B. Group
C. Both A & B
D. None Of A & B

182. Cooperative Learning Is An Aldternative To?
A. Competitive Models
B. Teaching Models
C. Lesson Plant
D. Micro Teaching

183. The Number Of Student In Cooperative Learning Grooups?
A. 3-4
B. 5-6
C. 8-10
D. 10-15

184. The Essential Characteristic Of Cooperative Learning  Is?
A. Effective Larning
B.  Positve Interdependence
C. Cooperation
D. Division Of Labour

185. The Students Like To Spend The Most Of The Time With?
A. Teachers
B. Parents
C. Relatives
D. Peers

186. Peer Culture Constitutes?
A. Socialization
B. Individaulization
C. Both A & B
D. None Of A & B

187. Which Is Not The Advantage Of Team Teaching?
A Better Utilizaiton Of Resources
B. Better Planning
C. Better Use Of Teaching Techniques
D. Better Financial Benefits Of Teacher

188. The Hypothesis Underlying Team Teaching Is?
A. Teacher Feel Bore While Working Aline
B. Teacher Are Not Competent
C. The Beast Teacher In Schools Are Shared By More Student
D. The Single Teacher Cannot Control The Class

189. CAI Stand For?
A. Computer Analyzed Instruction
B. Computer Assisted Instruction
C. Computer Assisted Interview
D. Computer Analyzed Interview

190. Which Is Not The Mode Of CAI?
A. Tutorial Mode
B. Drill Mode
C. Simulation Mode
D. Question Mode

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