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Tuesday 5 April 2016

General Knowledge MCQs Part 22

general knowledge mcqs for all test preparation
211. Where was the highest temperature on earth recoded?
A. United states
B. Libya
C. Israel
D. None of thes

212. Where is the deepest point in the earth’s crust.?
A. Mariana trench
B. Tonga trench
C. Grand canyon
D. None of these

213. What country suffered the worst tow earthquakes in history , killlin 830,000 in 1556 and 750,000 in 1976.?
B. Japan
C. China
D. India

214. Which of these countries has more official languages than the other three.?
A. South Africa
B. China
C. Angola
D. Yugoslavia

215. What was the name of the first cloned animal.?
A. Dolly
B. Sam
C. Doris
D. Wacky

216. How high is the world’s highest waterfall angel falls.?
A. 469 Mt
B. 979 Mt
C. 700 Mt
D. 1000 Mt

217. What computer virus holds the record for being the most widespread computer virus?
A. I love you
B. Nimdad
C. Melissa
D. Christams

218. From which country was Road Amundsen, the person who completed the maiden voyage to the south pole?
A. Norway
C. Canada
D. Uk

219. Who was the first private space tourist?
A. Dennis tito
B. Shuttle worth
C. Larry Swanson
            D. Toyo ankiyama

220. Who was the first blind man to climb Mt. Everest successfully.?
A. Erik red
B. John smith
C. Erik weihenmeyer
D. Carl limburger

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