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Thursday 14 April 2016

Chemistry MCQs Part 20

chemistry mcqs
191. The active masses of the reacting species are related to rate of reaction?
A. Directly
B. Log-normally
C. Linearly
D. Indirectly

192. A bond formed between alkali metals and members of helogen family will be?
A. Metallic
B. Covalent
C. Ionic
D. Coordinate

193. The amount of energy required to remove one electron from sodium isolated gaseous atom is?
A. 296 KJ/mol
B. 496 KJ/mol
C. 596 KJ/mol
D. 696 KJ/mol

194. The amount of energy released when one electron is gained by isolated gaseous atom of chlorine is?
A. 249 KJ/mol
B. 349 KJ/mol
C. 449 KJ/mol
D. 549 KJ/mol

195. When heat is absorbed or evolved in a chemical reaction with molar quantities of reactants and products, it is called?
A. Heat of reaction
B. Heat of reactant
C. Heat of product
D. Heat change

196. A negative sign is given if heat is?
A. Absorbed
B. Generated
C. Consumed
D. Evolved

197. A positive sign is given if in a chemical reaction heat is?
A. Consumed
B. Absorbed
C. Evolved
D. Generated

198. A substance under going a physical or chemical change is a?
A. Body
B. Process
C. Unit
D. System

199. When elements of low ionization energy combine with elements of high electron affinity, the of bond formed is?
A. Covalent
B. Coordinate
C. Metallic
D. Ionic

200. The concentrations of reactants and product at equilibrium changes?
A. Rapidly
B. Sharply
C. Drastically
D. Very slowly

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