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Friday 25 March 2016

Physics MCQs Part 19

physics mcqs with answer
181. The reciprocal of the square root of the product of the magnetic permeability of a medium and its dielectric constant is?
A. The velocity of light
B. Its reluctance
C. Its impedance
D. Its specific heat

182. The radius of the circular path of a charge particle moving at right angles to a uniform magnetic field is directly proportional to the?
A. Flux density
B. Momentum of the particle
C. Wave length of ht radiation
D. Charge on the particle

183. A person cannot see distinctly objects situated at a distance greater than 60 cm from the eye. The power (in diopters) of the lens he must use for the spectacles to correct the defect is?
A. 1.67 D
B. -1.67 D
C. -50 D
D. +60 D

184. When we decrease the diameter of the objective lens of a telescope, then the resolution of telescope?
A. Decreases
B. Remains the same
C. Depends on the focal length of the lens
D. Increases

185. A astrono0mical telescope has a magnifying power of 8 when focuses for parallel for parallel rays. If the length of the telescope be 18 cm, the focal length of the objective is?
A. 16 cm
B. 10 cm
C. 144 cm
D. 2.25 cm

186. The vibrations of an unpasteurized light are taking place?
A. In all planes
B. In one plane
C. In no plane
D. All are true

187. The quantity of the charge that passes through a conductor while a current of 5.0. A flows through it for 100S (in coulombs) is?
A. 1800
B. 1000
C. 500
D. None of these

188.  Lenz's law in E.M.I follows from Law of Conservation of?
A. Energy
B. Momentum
C. Mass
D. Charge

189. The longitudinal chromatic aberration for an incident parallel beam of light on a lens of unit focal length is numerically equal to?
A. Reciprocal of its dispersive power
B. Its dispersive power
C. Its focal length
D. None of these

190. A magnet makes 5 oscillations per minute in earth's magnetic field (H = 0.3 Gauss). By what amount the field should be increased so that the magnet may make 10 oscillations per minute?
A. 0.3 Gauss
B. 0.6 Gauss
C. 0.9 Gauss
D. 1.2 Gauss

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