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Saturday 5 March 2016

General Knowledge MCQs Part 19

general knowledge mcqs for kppsc, fppsc, etea, nts
181. Which one of the following is the largest peninsula of the world.?
A. Arabian Peninsula
B. Akalahari peninsula
C. Shara peninsula
D. None of these

182. Name of larges cricket stadium.?
A. Melbourne cricket club
B. Sharjah cricket ground
C. The oval. London
D. Gaddafi stadium, Lahore

183. Which of the following “desert” is largest by area.?
A. Gobi
B. Takla Makian
C. Sahara desert
D. None of these

184. The highest capital in the world is.?
A. Belize
B. LaPaz
C. Quito
D. Paris

185. Which is the saltiest water lake of the world.?
A.  The caspain sea
B. The red sea
C. The baltci sea
D. Assal Lake

186. Worl’s longest river is.?
A. River Nile
B. River Amazon
C. River Mississippi
D. River Indus

187. Which of the following country has longest coast line.?
A. China
C. Russia
D. Canada

 188. Which is the oldest written language in the world.?
A. Sanskrit
B. Chinese
C. Japanese
D. Englsih

189. Which country will become the largest oil procedure in 2017.?
A. Iraq
C. Russia
D. Haiti

190. Which one of the following is the largest university building in the world.?
A. Cambridge university UK
B. University of Riyadh
C. Azhar University
D. None of these

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