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Friday 11 March 2016

Computer MCQs Part 19 | Operating Systems MCQs

computer mcqs with answer
181. Which shortcut is used to paste items form clipboard (copied using Ctrl+C ) to a specified location.?
A. Ctrl + C
B. Ctrl + X
C. Shift + V
D. Ctrl + V

182. You can restore files/folders that deleted from.?
A. USB drive
C. Floppy Disk
D. Hard Disk

183. In windows, which sign in designated to floppy disk.?
A. A:
B. C:
C. D:
D. E:

184. To Show “Display Properties” dialog box.?
A. Right click on desktop empty area and select Properties Option
B. Select “Display” icon from control panel
C. Both A & B
D. None of above

185. What is default name given to the frit new folder.?
A. New Folder
B. New Folder (1)
C. New Folder (2)
D. New Folder (3)

186. Which one is considered as the main system software.?
A. Operating system
B. Utility program
C. Language translator
D. Word processing software

187. Which one is the main part of operating systems.?
A. File System
B. Kernel
C. Drivers
D. Utility Program

188. _________ is a process that starts operating system when a user turns on the system.?
A. Starting
B. Booting
C. Running
D. None of these

189. The process to restart the computer that is already powered on is called.?
A. Soft Boot
B. Cold Boot
C. Ward Boot
D. Hot Boot

190. Which of the following services provided by the operating system.?
A. Memory Management
B. User-Interface
C. File Management
D. All of these

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