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Monday 7 March 2016

Chemistry MCQs Part 17

chemistry mcqs with answer
161. The change of concentrations of reactants and products with time is called.?
A. Rate of reaction
B. Rate of equilibrium
C. Backward rate
D. Forward rate

162. The reaction which do not proceed to completion and after passage of some time contain both reactants and products, are called.?
A. Reversible reaction
B. Incomplete reaction
C. Complete reaction
D. Non-reversible reaction

163. In a chemical equation, a double arrow indicates.?
A. Reversible reaction
B. Equilibrium
C. Complete reaction
D. None of above

164. As long as temperature remains constant and concentration of water vapours do not change in a closed system it indicates a.?
A. Reversible process
B. Dynamic equilibrium
C. Reversible equilibrium
D. None of above

165. The stage at which the reaction appears to stop under given conditions is called.?
A. Equilibrium stage
B. Final stage
C. Completion stage
D. Initial stage

166. Under the given set of conditions of temperature, pressure and concentration the point at which a reaction seems to stop is always.?
A. Different
B. Changes
C. Readable
D. Same

167. Under a given set of conditions at which any reaction seems to stop has a quantitative relation with reactant and product.?
A. Nature
B. Type
C. Concentration
D. None of above

168. Water placed in closed container at constant temperature has equilibrium of the type.?
A. Dynamic
B. Chemical
C. Static
D. Physical

169. Which state of chemical equilibrium is that tat which all types of motions.?
A. Are available
B. Do not cease
C. Not available
D. None of Them

171. Deflecting of cathode rays towards positively charged plats indicate it is
A. Neutral
B. Negatively charged
C. Electromagnetic wave
D. Positively charged

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