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Wednesday 9 March 2016

Everyday Science MCQs Part 7

everyday science mcqs for all latest test preparation
61. Speed of sound is maximum in.?
A. Gas
B. Liquid
C. Sam in all
D. Solid

62. At what point the centigrade and the Fahrenheit temperatures are the same.?
A. 10 degree
B. 0 degree
C. 30 degree
D. 40 degree

63. The primary colors are blue, green and.?
A. Orange
B. Red
C. Yellow
D. None of these

64. What constitute current in a metal wire.?
A. Protons
B. Atoms
C. Molecules
D. Electrons

65. Good conductors have many loose bound
A. Atoms
B. Electrons
C. Protons
D. Molecules

66. The various distribution circuits are connected in.?
A. Aeries
B. Parallel
C. Sires of parallel
D. None of these

67. Which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships.?
A. Hydrogen
B. Carbon
C. Nitrogen
D. Helium

68. Which element has been found in D.G khan of Pakistan is.?
A. Uranium
B. Thorium
C. Radium
D. Plutonium

69. Non-conventional source energy best suited for Pakistan is.?
A. Solar energy
B. Wind energy
C. Tidal wave energy
D. Nuclear energy

70. Which of the following is a good conductor of heat and electricity.?
A. Diamond
B. Anthracite
C. Graphite
D. Granite

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