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Sunday 28 February 2016

Physics MCQs Part 16

physics mcqs for jobs test preparation
151. The dimensions of frequency are.?
A. I.T
B. Lt2
C. Mt2
D. T2

152. One giga is equal to.?
A. 1 * 103
B. 1 * 106
C. 1 * 10-9
D. 1 * 109

153. One micro meter is equal to.?
A. 10-3 m
B. 10-6 m
C. 10-2 m
D. 10-3 m

154. Candela is the unit of.?
A. Electric flux
B. Magnetic induction
C. Luminous intensity of light
D. Loudness of sound

155. The unit of absolute temperature is.?
A. Fahrenheit
B. Centigrade
C. Kelvin
D. None of above

156. The atomic bomb is based of the principle of.?
A. Radioactivity
B. Pair
C. Fission reaction
D. None of above

157. The prefix Pico represents.?
A. 1012
B. 10-9
C. 109
D. 10-12

158. Which of the following is dimensionless.?
A. Pressure
B. Angle
C. Density
D. Momentum

159. The SI unit of angular displacement is.?
A. Meter
B. Foot
C. Radian
D. Centimeter

160. Light year is a unit of.?
A. Time
B. Light
C. Velocity
D. Distance

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