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Friday 19 February 2016

General Knowledge MCQs Part 17

general knowledge mcqs for all test preparation
161. Which is the oldest monarchy in the world.?
A. France
C. Japan
D. None of these

162. Smallest Muslim state population wise is.?
A. Bahrain
B. Jordan
C. Maldives
            D. None of above

162. Name the first lady Prime Minister of the world?
A. Banazir Bhutto
B. Korino akino
C. Margrate thatcher
D. Mr. Sirmavo bandarnaike

163. Name the first woman president of the UN general Assembly.?
A. Pandit vijaya lakshmi of india
B. Mrs. Kumara tunga of Sri Lanka
C. Banazir Bhutto of Pakistan
D. Pandit vijay lakshmi Nepal

 164. Which is the first animal to be sent in space.?
A. Laike, the sheep
B. Dolly, the dong
C. Dolly, the sheep
D. Laika, the dog (Russians)

165. Who was the first person to reach North Pole.?
A. Robert-e-Peary
B. Ames clark
C. John Ross
D. None of above

166. Rober PeARY REACHED North pole in.?
A. 1908
B. 1909
C. 1910
D. 1020

167. Yuri Gagarin a Russian was the first person to go in space in which was year.?
A. 1961
B. 1971
C. 1981
D. 1991

168. The Highest capital of the word is.?
A. Belize
B. Quito
C. Paris
D. La paz

 169. Which is the first test-tube baby.?
A. Louis washkansky
B. R.H. Lawler
C. Tom whittkae
D. Louise brown

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