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Thursday 18 February 2016

Current Affairs MCQs Part 17

current affairs mcqs for all test preparation
161. The first Muslim who got Noble Prize in 1978.?
A. Anwar Sadat
B. Abdus Salam
C. Yasir Arfat
D. None of above

162. Name the person who devised short hand system.?
A. Sir Isac Pitman
B. Sir Lsac Newton
C. J. Philip
D. None of above

163. Which is the largest continent (Population wise) of the world.?
A. America
B. Europe
C. Asia
D. None of above

164. English Channel separates England form.?
A. Itlay
B. France
C. Germany
D. None of above

165. Name of the first person who reached south pole in 1911.?
A. Ronald Amundsen
B. Major white
C. Charles Conrad
D. Alan Bean

166. Who was the first American to reach North Pole in 1909.?
A. James Clarkd
B. John Ross
C. Rober-e-Peary
            D. None of above

167. Greenwich Mean Time was Established in.?
A. 1864
B. 1884
            C. 1889
            D. None of above

168. Which is the oldest Holy book.?
A. The Torait
B. The Zuboor
C. The Injeel
D. The Qur’an

169. Dewitt Wallace was the founder of magazine in 1922 of.?
A. Time
B. Newsweek
C. Fobes
D. Reader’s Digest

170. Who was the founder of the Oil company Shell.?
A. John D Rockefeller
B. Marcus Samuel
C. James J. Hill
 D. None of above

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