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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Computer MCQs Part 15 | Operating Systems

computer mcqs with answer
141. The bar displayed at the bottom of the desktop is known as.?
A. Title bar
B. Menu bar
C. Tool bar
D. Task bar

142. You can shut down, standby, restart the computer by using.?
A. Desktop
B. Start button
C. Menu bar
D. Task bar

143. The software that removes viruses form disk are known as.?
A. Virus killer
B. Remover
C. Destroyer
D. Anti virus

144. Which component makes it easy to delete and un-delete files and folders.?
A. Windows explorer
B. My documents
C. Control pannel
D. Recycle bin

145. The option that makes it easier for people with disabilities to operate a compute is.?
A. Accessibility
B. Display
C. Settings
D. Fonts

146. The image or color set to the background of the desktop is.?
A. Screen sever
B. Picture
C. Monogram
D. Wallpaper

147. The device that enables the computer to make a dial-up networking is.?
A. Mouse
B. Monitor
C. Keyboard
D. Modem

148. Which component provides a tree like view of disks its files and folder.?
A. My computer
B. Control panel
C. Start menu
D. Windows explorer

149. Which of the following lets you browser the contents of you computer.?
A. My documents
B. Windows explorer
C. My network places
D. My computer

150. A convenient place to store documents, graphics, or other files that you want to access quickly is.?
A. My documents
B. Folder
C. My computer
D. My networks places

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