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Saturday 20 February 2016

Biology MCQs Part 15

biology mcqs for all test preparation
141. According to modern system of taxonomy, living organisms have been classified into?
A. Five Kingdoms
B. Three Kingdoms
C. Two Kingdoms
D. Non of above

142. The Brisance is which organism's life cycle, mode of transmission and interaction with their hosts are studied is.?
A. Parastitolgy
B. Anatomy
C. Physiology
D. Social biology

143. Kingdom fungi includes.?
A. A Cellular, eukaryotic organisms
B. Non-chlorophylls, Multicultural, thallophytic organisms
C. Non-chlorophylls, mulicellular eukaryotic organisms
D. None of above

144. Earthworm is included in.?
A. Kingdom Planate
B. Kingdom Protoctista
C. Kingdom Animalia
D. None of Above

145. The study of organisms inhabiting the sea & ocean and the physical & chemical characteristics of their environment is.?
A. Marine Biology
B. Social Biology
C. Micro Biology
D. None of Above

146. The molecules of living matter that provide building blocks are mostly based on.?
A. Nitrogen
B. Hydrogen
C. Carbon
D. None of above

147. The word "BIOLOGY" has been derived from _____ word.?
A. Greek
B. Latin
C. English
D. None of above

148. Amman Human blood is an example of?
A. Inorganic Compounds
B. Ogranclle
C. Tissues
D. Simple Molecules

149. The branch of Biology which deals with the use of data and techniques of engineering & technology concerning living organisms is?
A. Human Biology
B. Environmental Biology
C. Bio-Technology
D. None of above

150. Scolidon or dog fish belong to the group fo fishes called.?
A. Bony fishes
B. Running fishes
C. Cartilaginous fishes
D. None of Them

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