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Saturday 23 January 2016

Computer MCQs Part 14

computer mcqs with answer
131. Which computer acts as a server for other computer on the network.?
A. Mainframe
B. Host
C. Main server
C. Master

132. Who is known as father of computer.?
A. Charles Babbage
B. Alan turing
C. Bill gates
D. Tim burners-lee

133. Internet mostly uses for purpose of .?
A. Entertainment
B. Business
C. E-mail
D. Chat

134. What type of devices are cds or dvds.?
A. Output
B. Input
C. Electric
D. Storage

135. Who created pretty good privacy ( pgp ).?
A. Paul Zimmerman 
B. Ken thompson
C. Bill gates
D. Tim burners

136. What kind of computer memory is both static and nonvolatile.?
A. Rom
B. Ram

137. What type of device is a digital camera.?
A. Output
B. Input
C. Electric
D. Mechanic

138. Which of the following is nont a network command.?
A. Ping
B. Netcfg
C. Bill tim
D. Bmw

139. Which of the following is not an internet browser.?
            A. Internet explorer
            B. Google chrome
            C. U torrent
            D. Mozilla

140. What is a cookie.?
A. Internet information file
B. Hacker file
C. Customary file

D. None of these

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