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Thursday 24 December 2015

Current Affairs MCQs Part 14

current affairs mcqs for all test preparation
131. The famous poem “Twinke Twinke Little Star” is written by.?
A. William Shakespeare
B. Jane Taylor
C. Chales Dickens
D. Willia Wordsworth

132. “Statue of Liberty” is located in new York. It was gifted to USA by.?
A. China
B. France
C. Rome
D. England

133. What is the name of female mosquito which is caused of dengue fever.?
A. Aedes Agypties
B. Henfellow
C. Lethobari
D. Helnomollai

134. Who was the painter of Mona Lisa.?
A. Leonardo da Vinci
B. F. A. Bartholdi
C. Herny smith
D. None of these

135. Mt. Arart is longest peak of.?
A. Braitain
B. North korea
C. Pakistan
D. Turkey

136. Dome of rock is located in.?
A. Jerusalem
B. Lebanon
C. Jordan
D. Iraq

137. Which book is entitled as “bible of Communism”.?
A. Affluent Seciety
B. War and peace
C. Gulag archipelago
D. Das Kapital

138. Which is a “Cash Crop”.?
A. Cotton
B. Wheat
C. Rice
D. None of theme

139. When red cross was founded Geneva, Switzerland in?
A. 1863
B. 1862
C. 1961
D. 1950

140. Where was Albert Einstein bron.?
C. Germany
D. Albainia

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