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Thursday 5 November 2015

Biology MCQs Part 7

biology mcqs
61. Biology is the scientific study of
A. Plants
B. Animals
C. Bacteria
D. Living organisms

62. Which one of the following is not the character of living organisms
A. They can acquire and use energy
B. They can grow in size
C. They respond to stimuli
D. They do not adopt to the environment

63. The word Malaria means
A. Good air .
B. Bad air.
C. Sweet air.
D. None of the above.

64. Which disease killed more peoples than any other death causing factors including all other diseases,natural calamities and wars?
A. Small Pox
B. Mjeasles.
C. Malaria.
D. Tetanus

65. Malaria is more common in
A. Tropical areas.
B. Southern areas.
C. Eastern areas.
D. All over the word

 66. Physician of Egypt,China,India, Italy and Greece described the malarial disease even about.
A. One thousand year ago.
B. Two thousand years ago.
C. Three thousand years ago.
D. Four thousand years ago.

67. Which is the cause of malaria infection?
A. Bacteria.
B. Plasmodium.
C. Algae.
            D. Viruses.

 68. In 1878, who observed the real cause of malaria i.e Plasmodium?
A. Laveran.
B. Ronal Ross.
C. A.F.A.King.
D. Grassi.

69. In 1889 who studied the life cycle of Plasmodium in Anopheles mosquito and discovered the relationship between mam,mosquito Plasmodium?
A. Grassi.
B. Ronal Ross.
C. A.F.A. King .
D. All of the above.

70. In 1878,who discovered tiny creatures under the microscope in the red blood cells of a material patient?
A. Robert Hooke.
B. Laveran.
C. Galilio.
D. A.F.A.King.

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