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Thursday 15 October 2015

General Knowledge MCQs Part 8

general knowledge mcqs for all test preparation
71. Who was the last king of Egypt (Misar)
                A. Sikand Azam
                B. Muhammad Bin Qasim
                C. Shah Farooq
                D. None of them

72. Who was the last king of Iran.
                A. Gagran
                B. Husaain Shah
                C. Raza Shah Pehlive
                D. None of theme

73. Britain’s war the first name of honor
                A. Nishan e Haider
                B. Tamgha Shujad
                C. Vectoria Cras
                D. None of theme

74. What was the blind poet of Urdu.
                A. Galib
                B. Homer
                C. Jurat
                D. None of theme

75. What gas used the embed Snow.
                A. Ammonia Gas
                B. Nitrogen Gas
                C. Hydrogen Gas
                D. None of theme

76. Which one is the highest city of the world
                A. La Paz
    B. Tokyo
                C. London
                D. None of theme

77. Who built the map of Taj Mehal Agra.
                A. Fathe Ali
                B. Ustad Eesa
                C. Jalal ud din
                D. None of theme
78. Where is the office of SARC
                A. America
                B. China
                C. Japan
                D. Nepal

79. Where is the highest Tower of the world
                A. Tokyo Skytree
    B. Burje Khalifa
    C. CN Tower
    D. Canton Tower
80. Where is the lowest city of the world.
                A. Mumbai
                B. Mari
                C. Auckland
                D. Jericho

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