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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Pedagogy MCQs Part 2

pedagogy mcqs for all test preparation
11. The name of Yashpal Committee Report (1993) is?
       A. l.C.T. in Teacher education
       B. Learning without Burden
       C. Learning through Broad-casting
       D. None of the above

12. The Father of Psychoanalysis?
       A. Erik H. Erikson
       B. Jean Piaget
       C. Jerorne S. Bruner
       D. Sigmund Freud

13. ln pedagogy computer is used?
      A. To motivate the learner
      B. To provide feedback
      C. To interact with the learner
      D. For all the above

14. Which of the following is die brain of the computer>
      A. Programmed
      B. Central processing unit
      C. Memory 
      D. Hard Disc

15. Spare the rod —- spoil the child. This assumption is related to that type of discipline which has been advocated?
      A. By naturalist philosophy
      B. By pragmatist philosophy
      C. In Victorian Era
      D. In Democratic Era

16. The concept of school complex was first executed in?
     A. Uttar Pradesh
     B. Madhya Pradesh
     C. Bihar
     D. Rajasthan

17. The proponent of the Cognitive Theory of teaching is?
      A. N. L. Gage
      B. Shiv Kumar
      C. Mitra B. F.
      D. Skiner McDonald

18. Instruction medium affects the absence and escape from class teaching?
      A. Agreed
      B. Indefinite
      C. Disagreed
      D. None of the above

19. The determinant of teaching skill training is?
      A. Components
      B. Pupil-teacher
      C. Supervisor
      D. Headmaster

20. For a good communication_______is required.?
      A. Clarity of thought
      B. Dramatic Presentation
      C. Speaking in a mild tone
      D. Speaking without pause

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