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Friday 27 November 2015

Computer MCQs Part 11

computer mcqs for all test preparation
101. Hard disk is a ___________device
      A. Backing Storage
      B. Storage
      C. Temporary
      D. Hardware

102. Compact Disk (CD) is a ______________device
      A. Storage
      B. Backing 
      C. Hardware

      D. None Of Theme

103. Maximum storage capacity of a floppy disk is
      A. 720 KB
      B. 1.2 MB
      C. 2 MB
      D. 1.44 MB

104. A floppy disk is available in_______________sizes
      A. One
      B. Two
      C. Three
      D. Four

105. You can store maximum______________amount of data in 5.25'' floppy disk
      A. 720KB
      B. 1.2KB
      C. 2   MB
      D. 1.44 MB

106. Which of the following is called unit of Computer memory
      A. Bit
      B. Nibble
      C. Byte
      D. Word

107. Sequence of 4 bits is called
     A. Bit
     B. Nibble
     C. Byte
     D. Word

108. Combination of 8 bits is called_____________
      A. Bit
      B. Nibble
      C. Byte
      D. Word

109. Abbreviation of Binary Digit is
     A. Bit
     B. Nibble
     C. Byte
     D. Word

110. 1024 Bytes is equal to
     A. 1024KB
     B. 1 Mega Bytes
     C. 1 Gega Bytes
     D. 1 Kilo Bytes

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