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Monday 27 July 2015

Computer MCQs Part 3

computer mcqs with anser
21. Printer resolution is usually measured in?
A. Data par inch
B. Character par inch
C. Dots per inch
D. None Of These

22. Standard keyboard has function keys?
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 14

23. The Following are the input devices?
A. Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Flatbed Scanner
B. Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Flatbed Plotter
C. Han-Held Scanner, Drum Plotter, Mouse , Joystick
D. None Of These

24. Laser Printer and ink-jet printers are example of?
A. Impact Printer
B. Line Printer
C. Drum Printer
D. None Of These

25. Plotters can be generally divided into _________ categories namely ________?
A. Two, Pen Plotters and Electrostatic Plotters
B. Two , Drum Plotters and Flatbed Plotters
C. Four , Pen , Electrostatic , Drum and Flatbed plotters
D. Three , Pen , Electrostatic and Flatbed Plotters

26. The purpose of input device is?
A.  Pass Information
B.  Filtraintion of information
C.  Pass information directly to CPU
D.  None of These

27. Where engineering applications ar used and precision is mandatory, we use ________ for printing?
A. Laser
B. Electrostatic Plotter
C. Pen Plotter
D. None Of these

28. The Mouse is a primary input device but lack the ability to easily transmit?
A. Graphical
B. Numerical
C. Alpha Numerical
D. Textual

29. The CD-Writer performance is measured in __________ unit?
B. Y
C. Bytes
D. None Of These

30. Screen Output is known as?
A. Software
B. Livewire
C. Soft Copy
D. Hard Copy

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