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Friday 31 July 2015

Chemistry MCQs Part 1

chemistry mcqs with answer
1. Chemistry is the study of?
A. Structures
B. Energy
C. Properties
D. Matter

2. Matter is composed of?
A. Atoms
B. Radicals
C. Ions
D. Molecules

3. Boiling point of a liquid is a?
A. Bonding property
B. Physical property
C. Internal property
D. Chemical property

4. Atoms are the building blocks of?
A. Light
B. Nucleus
C. Energy
D. Matter

5. A substance that is composed of more than one substances but not in fixed ratio is?
A. Compound
B. Product
C. Element
D. Mixture

6. A substance that is constant in composition be weight of different elements is?
A. An element
B. Compound
C. Mixture
D. Liquid

7. Properties that distinguish a substance from other but does not tell about its reaction ability will be a?
A. Energetic property
B. Physical property
C. Reacting property
D. Chemical property

8. Physical chemistry is the?
A. Actual branch
B. Small branch
C. Side branch
            D. Main branch

9. A sample of pure matter is also called?
A. Reactant
B. Product
C. Substance
D. Element

10. A mixture which has substances in fixed ratio throughout is a?
A. Homogeneous
B. Compound
C. Heterogeneous
D. Element

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