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Thursday 23 July 2015

Computer MCQs Part 2 | Computer Components

computer mcqs with answer
11. Bus is a set of _________ that is used as a communication path?
A. Wires
B. B. Processor
C. Register
D. None of These

12. 1K Byte = __________ Bytes.
A. 1024 Bytes
B. 8 Bytes
C. 1G Bytes
D. 1M Bytes

13. There are basically register?
A. Fourteen
B. Eight
C. Sixty Five
D. None of These

14. A port or interface that can be used for communication , in which only 1 bit it transmitted at a time is called?
A. Serial Port
B. Parallel Port
C. Serial and parallel both transmit 1 bit
D. None of These

15. Which port is reliable?
A.  Serial
B.  Parallel
C.  Both are equal reliable
D.  None of These

16. Arithmetic, logic unit of a computer system perform?
A. Logical decision
B. Atithmetic and Logical Functions
C. Simple Mathematical Calculation
D.  Arithmetic Calculations

17. The Type of memory, which is permanent and ratains data even the compute is turned off.
B. Primary Memory
D. External Memory

18. CPU stands for?
A. Controlling Power Unit
B. Central Processing Unit
C. Central Processor Unit
D. None OF These

19. There are _________ typical component of CPU, namely ________.?
A. Two, Arithmetic and logical unit and control unit
B. Three, ALU, CU and External Storage
C. Two, Arithmetic and logical unit and memory.
D. None of These

20. There are _________ buses, namely ___________?
A. Two , Control bus, connecting bus
B. Three, address bus, data bus a and control but
C. Three, Address bus, data bus and communication bus
D. None of These

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