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Thursday 9 April 2020

General Knowledge MCQs Part 27

general knowledge mcqs for all kinds of test preparation
261)      Caribbean Sea is linked with the Pacific Ocean by the:
A)   Suez Canal
B)   Panama Canal
C)   Sunda Strait
D)   None of the above one

262)      ‘Red sea’ is between:
A)   Arabia and Africa
B)   Turkey and Russia
C)   China and Japan
D)   Germany and Scandinavia

263)      Bering Strait separates Asia from:
A)   America
B)   Africa
C)   Australia
D)   None of the above one

264)      The longest mountain range in the world is:
A)   Karakoram
B)   Alps
C)   Andes
D)   Hindukush.

265)      Cyprus is an island in the:
A)   Mediterranean Sea
B)   South China Sea
C)   Red Sea
D)   Caribbean Sea.

266)      Which of the following country shares the water of Caspian Sea?
A)   Russia
B)   Iran
C)   Azerbaijan
D)   All the above

267)      Palk Strait separates India from :
A)   Sri Lanka
B)   Maldives
C)   Bangladesh
D)   None of the above

268)      ‘Dickson’ is a seaport of :
A)   Italy
B)   Malaysia
C)   South Africa
D)   Norway

269)      ‘Lake Superior’ is :
A)   The World’s deepest freshwater lake
B)   The World’s largest freshwater lake
C)   The world’s largest saltwater lake
D)   None of the above

270)      ‘Seattle’ is a seaport of :
A)   China
B)   U.S.A
C)   Germany
D)   Canada

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