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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Computer MCQs Part 24

basic computer mcqs for nts
231. How do we call the part of the screen you can click on which displays a list of commands:
A. A Menu
B. The Computer
C. Some Documents
D. None Of These

232. What do you call the space where the computer does its processing:

233. KB, MB, GB, is respectively:
A. Kilo Bytes, Mega Bytes, Giga Bytes
B. Kilo Bits, Mega Bits, Giga Bits
C. Kelvin Bytes, Medium Bytes, Giga Bytes
D. None Of These

234. A set of 8 bits is called:
A. Byte
B. Giga Byte
C. Mega Bytes
D. Birney

235. What is termed the portion of RAM set aside for temporarily holding information read from a disk:
A. Rom
B. Cache Memory
C. Bus
D. Disk Cache

236. There is a modem which can handle FAX protocols and transmit data. What this data is called:
A. Fax Modem
B. Data Modem
C. Both A And B
D. None Of These

237. The capacity of a hard disk depends upon the:
A. High Speed Motor
B. Movement Of Read
C. Number Of Disk Platter Stacked
D. None Of These

238. Which software controls basic I/O device:
A. Device Driver
B. Ant-Virus Tool Kit
C. Business Software
D. Operating System

239. The medium is used by input dives light pen for graphical input is:
A. Interpreter
B. Binary Coded
C. CRT Screen
D. Flow Chart

240. The translator program that translates each line of the source program as it run is called:
A. Interpreter
B. Binary Coded
C. Decimal Interchange
D. Flow Chart

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