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Friday 7 June 2024

Biology MCQs Part 33 | NTS Biology MCQs With Answer

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Biology  Mcqs for Preparation specially for NTS, ECAT MCAT, CSS, PPSC, ETEA ,KPSC, EPPSC, PPSC, , and other test. here you will find Biology  mcqs.

These MCQs for All Exams and jobs employment test and specially for MCAT, ECAT and Entry Test and For All Test Preparation(NTS, CSS, PPSC, ETC..). If you are looking Biological MCQs with answer so you are in right place. We have thousands of Biology MCQs Advance and Basic Level MCQs. It is for intermediate and graduate level bio multiple choice question. These of all multiple choice question are helpful in every test preparation. All intermediate and graduate exams MCQs. A great opportunity to improve your skills and perform batter in study. This mcqs will help in you in every science test.  The following all mcqs we have get from reliable source.

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311)     The correct order of the structures involved in the flow of air in the human body is: 
          a. Pharynx Trachea Larynx Bronchi 
          b. Larynx Pharynx Trachea Bronchioles 
          c. Trachea Pharynx Larynx Bronchi 
          d. Pharynx Larynx Trachea Bronchi Bronchioles Bronchi Bronchioles Bronchioles

Food is prevented from entering into the Larynx by: 
          a. Glottis 
          b. Epiglottis 
          c. Vocal cards 
          d. Internal nostrils

Oxygen from the lungs enter into the blood due to: 
          a. Diffusion 
          b. Less affinity of O₂ for air 
          c. Higher affinity of CO, for air 
          d. Osmosis

314)     Which part of the air passageway is also called the windpipe? 
          a. Bronchus 
          b. Alveolus 
          c. Larynxd. 
          d. Trachea

315)     In which disease are the walls of the alveoli are broken? 
          a. Pneumonia 
          b. Bronchitis 
          c. Emphysema 
          d. Asthma 

316)     The diaphragm is flat, the ribs move out; this occurs during: 
          a. Expiration 
          b. Inspiration 
          c. Lungs expansion 
          d. Breathing

317)     The chest cavity is separated from the abdominal cavity by a muscle called:
           a. Larynx 
          b. Trachea 
          c. Bronchus 
          d. Diaphragm 

318)     Respiration at cellular level is known as: 
          a. Breathing 
          b. Ventilation 
          c. Oxidation 
          d Inhalation 

319)     High fever, cold and cough with sputum production are symptoms of: 
          a. Emphysema
          b. Asthma 
          c. Pneumonia 
         d. Bronchitis 

Chemotherapy is a treatment of: 
          a. Emphysema M 
          b. Bronchitis 
          c. Asthma 
          d. Lung cancer

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