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Monday 20 May 2024

Biology MCQs Part 26 | NTS Biology MCQs With Answer

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241. During the daytime, which processes are carried out by the green parts (leaves) of plants?**

        (A) Only respiration

        (B) Only photosynthesis

        (C) Both respiration and photosynthesis

        (D) Neither respiration nor photosynthesis

242.      What gas do leaves take from the environment during the daytime for photosynthesis?

           (A) Oxygen

           (B) Nitrogen

           (C) Carbon dioxide

           (D) Hydrogen

243.     During respiration, what do leaves release that is used in photosynthesis?

          (A) Oxygen

          (B) Carbon dioxide

          (C) Water vapor

          (D) Nitrogen

244.     What gas do plants release into the environment during the daytime?

           (A) Carbon dioxide

           (B) Nitrogen

           (C) Oxygen

           (D) Methane

245.    What happens to the gaseous exchange in plants during the night?

          (A) Photosynthesis continues

          (B) Respiration stops

          (C) Only respiration occurs

          (D) Both photosynthesis and respiration occur

246.     Through which part of the plant do leaves primarily exchange gases with the environment?

           (A) Cuticle

           (B) Stomata

           (C) Lenticels

           (D) Bark

247.     What is the function of the epidermis in plants?

           (A) Photosynthesis

           (B) Water absorption

           (C) Gaseous exchange

           (D) Nutrient storage

248.     What special pores are found in the bark of woody stems to facilitate gaseous exchange?

           (A) Stomata

           (B) Lenticels

           (C) Cuticle

           (D) Trichomes

249.    Where is a thick cuticle found and what is its role?

           (A) Over the epidermis, allowing gaseous exchange

           (B) In the roots, absorbing nutrients

           (C) Inside the leaves, storing water

           (D) On the bark, preventing gaseous exchange

250.    Which of the following statements is true about the gaseous exchange in plants?

            (A) It occurs only during the day

            (B) It occurs through the entire surface of woody stems

            (C) It occurs through stomata, lenticels, and epidermis

            (D) It is not necessary for plant survival

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